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Rare table design Willy Van der Meeren for Tubax

Vu chez IDbazaar et proposé par la Galerie de AlainKo cette table aux design d’avion, faite de bois et de fer; illustration parfaite de la théorie du Modulor du Corbusier.

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Rare dining table T1 Willy Van der Meeren for Tubax
These tables were made based on Corbusier’s « Modular » principles. One standard woodboard was the basic for two table tops T1, two table tops T2 (smaler table) and two tops for bedside cabinets.

Using this method was good so no wood needed to be wasted which was totaly in the filosofy of the social furniture.

These tables were no succes in privat sphere but mainly bought by some large schools and organisations like hospitals. Truly amazing and rare tables. Catalogue from exhibition in Atomium Brussels last year 2007 Book by Mil de Kooning  » vlees en beton »

Thomas Ka

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