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RESORT – Un palace au coeur du Bhoutan 3/6


Palace Uma Paro Bhutan

Exteriors and interiors are simple, clean-lined and clutter-free. Stone, wood and tiles constitute the
primary building materials, which are all handcrafted using age-old techniques. Spacious
guestrooms in clean whites, beiges and browns provide dazzling views of the surrounding valleys,
forests and mountains.

All of the interiors are adorned with indigenous detailing such as carved
windows and intricate doors; the white villa walls and shesham-wood furniture are even hand-
painted by local artists with brightly coloured flower motifs.

Bedcovers made of natural Indian
cottons are hand-stitched with designs that reference Bhutan’s thriving Buddhist culture. And in
further allusion to the geographic milieu, each villa comes equipped with a traditional bukhari wood-
burning stove, whose smoke darkens the timber framing above, and around which friends, families
and lovers can gather for cosy conversation or contemplation.