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BIEN ETRE – Technogym – Vision version


Equipment in storage position: 1700 x 2100 x 454 mm

Equipment during operation: 1700 x 2100 x 1150 mm

Weight: Version: 280 kg

Power supply: 220V-110V

Personal Kinesis Tools: Wellness Ball

2 Revolving attachments

2 Ankle straps

Kinesis Personal support: DVD Exercise and Wellness Lifestyle

Exercise Book

Minimum space required for use: we recommend a minimum free space of 2 metres in front of the equipment.

Kinesis Personal is available in two versions: Heritage and Vision.

In the Vision version, the Kinesis Personal wall consists of three stainless steel AISI 304 – INOX 1810 panels attached to a rigid support frame, which project a visually undistorted mirrored image.