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Tous les grands restaurants sont confrontés à cette problèmatique féminine : où poser ce sac si précieux, si fragile, voire si volumineux. Certains ont optés pour un pouf ou une banquette, destinés à recevoir cet article crucial qui renferme tant de mystères. Autre solution brillante : le LuxeLink.

luxe link

A new (patent pending) Luxe Purse Link has been invented to keep your purse off the icky ground, and kick your fabulocity factor up a notch ! No larger than the size of Beyonce’s hoop earring, the Luxe Link is portable, lighter than your cell phone, and easy-peasy to use.

he obvious benefits: No more bag lump under your napkin; your Chloe bag maintains its glamour; and the thieves are kept at bay! And hold up, according to ancient folklore, leaving your purse on the floor means you will lose money. Well, sistahs, better safe than sorry. Hang that purse up, and save those Benjamins for the latest Marc Jacobs bag.

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